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Europeers - from idea to project

The project "EuroPeers - from idea to project" was a collaboration between groups from Poland, Germany and Italy. As socially active people, working in non-governmental organizations, informal groups, student associations, and therefore leaders of our communities, we wanted and still want as many young people as possible in Europe to have a chance and have the courage to take advantage of the intercultural learning opportunities offered by the Erasmus + program and other EU initiatives.

The Key

"The Key. Exchange of skills, experiences and cultural background” was a two-way exchange attended by 36 young people from Poland and Hungary, who are daily involved in various forms of youth activity at both local and national levels. The main topic of the exchange was the seven key competences of the European Union.


The "Equinox" exchange brought together participants from the Slavic countries: Poland, the Czech Republic and Croatia. We agreed that the knowledge about the culture and traditions of the Slavs is very small. In schools, not much time is spent on teaching students about our Slavic roots, and we find it very interesting, allowing us to understand where our traditions and holidays came from. Thanks to this exchange, we wanted to show that our history is not boring and goes much further than the beginning of the formation of our statehood.