What does the project settlement look like?

The structure of the project settlement document resembles a bit of a grant application. You have 2 months to complete it, starting from the end of the project (not the activities).

Mobility Tool+

You make the settlement using a special platform called Mobility Tool+. In addition to a detailed description of individual aspects of the implemented project, you are required to attach a mobility list for each activity: indicate the data of persons participating in the project (name, surname, date of birth, e-mail address, nationality) and the mobility route (place of departure and arrival). You also attach a schedule to the report, just like in the case of a grant application. It is also worth summarizing all the effects of the exchange as comprehensively as possible: so you can additionally attach a photo folder, a link to a promotional video, a document developed by participants, screenshots of reach in your social media and everything else that illustrates the achievement of the assumed aims.

Verification of the final report

The final report is verified by the employees of the National Agency – i.e. in Poland it takes about a month. You may be asked for additional explanations at this stage, and if everything is OK, you will receive a final letter and a second tranche of funds.