What should the results of the exchange be?

In this case, the organizers have a lot of freedom. The results can be disseminated in both digital and printed form. They can also take the form of a one-time event. There are many channels through which you can disseminate results. These include traditional media, social media, websites, printed materials or the aforementioned promotional events.

It is important that the channel is properly selected for the target group (e.g. if your organization has an Instagram account with a large number of young followers, such promotion will not work if the effects are aimed at seniors). It is worth considering the possibilities of your organization: whether it can afford to finance promotional activities, how much reach it generates in social media, or whether it has ever organized meetings for recipients, may also affect the selection of communication channels.

We should not forget about the support of partner organizations and the participants themselves – here, let’s also remember about the effective use of their capabilities. Nowadays, we have a huge selection of promotion channels at our disposal. The most important thing is to make the form of disseminating the results as attractive as possible and accessible to the people we plan to reach.

It is worth remembering that Erasmus + itself offers a place to share the results of their projects: it is the Erasmus + Project Results Platform.