What is the target audience?

Another very important step when choosing tools for promoting results is identifying and getting to know the target group (who is to benefit from the effects of our activity). Such a group should be specified in detail, its demographic characteristics, interests, lifestyle, etc. This will allow for an accurate selection of tools and channels, as well to adjust the message appropriately. Consider what activities might attract the attention of the person who will benefit most from the results of your work. It is a good idea to prepare activities attractive to various groups: for a journalist – press material that can be used in an article, for an institution employee – a report on the activity, and for an inhabitant of the estate – face-to-face meetings. Remember that the target group for the effects of exchanges is not only young people, who are obvious beneficiaries, but also people working with young people, teachers, researchers, non-governmental organizations, sometimes also politicians or decision makers.