What is the dissemination of results in context of the Erasmus+ Program?

Each Erasmus+ project brings a lot of success, but requires a lot of hard work. Disseminating project results is a way of presenting this work and showing off the results achieved. Sharing results also allows you to reach a wider audience with information about your activities and about the Erasmus+ Program.

“The result of a project implemented with the support of the Erasmus+ Youth program may be to increase the competences of young people and people working with young people (e.g. linguistic, interpersonal and social competences), personal development of the participants, as well as cooperation of organizations and institutions dealing with youth and non-formal education, development of institutions through the exchange of experiences. It should also be noted that projects implemented within this sector may have an impact on the shape of educational policy – by developing recommendations. When implementing a project and disseminating its results, activities should be planned in such a way that other organizations or target groups would want to benefit from the project’s successes. That is why it is worth creating and disseminating such results that would respond to the needs of various groups of recipients and that they could be easily transferred to other areas of education.”


What should the results of the exchange be?

According to the Erasmus+ Program Guide, the results should be durable and impactful.

  1. So what influences the durability of the results? First of all, quality, tangibility and high substantive level. Such results are attractive, so target groups will be willing to use them and recommend them to each other. Timelessness is also important. The durability of the results will only be maintained if they are up-to-date not only in the next few months, but include content that will not lose its relevance for many years to come.
  2. Influence, as it were, meets durability. If the materials developed by us are relevant, substantive and adjusted to the target group, and most importantly, respond to their needs, they will have an impact on it. To produce such results, we need strong partners and participants who are somehow experts in their chosen fields.