Willingness to change

What is flexibility?

Many readers may be surprised by the issue of flexibility. However, it seems to us that it is one of the most important issues from the organizer’s perspective. When we talk about flexibility, we mean the awareness that not always the plan we set up has a chance of being implemented. We believe that this awareness can save you from many disappointments and increase the comfort of participants.

By flexibility, we mean, among others, possibility of time shifts, changes in the program for reasons such as bad weather, group fatigue or unforeseen events. Being open to minor concessions can be a huge convenience for participants as well as for you, so don’t insist on following the plan 1 to 1 at all costs. However, remember that flexibility has its limits and most importantly, if possible, make changes to the program together (so that no one feels excluded from this process) and communicate with the whole group well in advance. It is about communicating all decisions as clearly as possible.

Why is it worth having a plan B?

As mentioned before, accidents happen to everyone – even the best. Therefore, when analyzing the program, it is worth considering possible unforeseen situations that may arise during its implementation. It is also a good idea to talk about it with national leaders during the preparatory visit (see: APPLICATION). Of course, not everything is predictable, but it’s worth trying!