Who should conduct the workshops?

Who are the workshop leaders?

It depends – very often they are just organizers, co-organizers, leaders (but this imposes very serious, additional obligations on you – after all, you cannot take care of a coffee break and conduct classes for the whole group at the same time). They may also be persons previously designated for this (e.g. hired trainers). However, it should be remembered that the idea behind Erasmus+ is to learn from each other, so it is better if you limit the use of external experts and entrust this role to people from your group.

Of course, it is also possible to delegate this role to participants – this may be the most informative form of work, but in this situation you need to make sure that the group knows about it in advance, and is able to prepare well. It is worth to check the progress of these people to ensure a high-quality workshop that will meet the expected results.

What qualities and skills should the workshop leaders have?

They should be able to:

  • make a contact with the group,

  • moderate discussions,

  • set limits (sometimes you have to say “no”),

  • do a proper time organization,

  • solve problems in a group,

  • cope with stress,

  • work with a large group of people (often very diverse in many aspects),

and they should have the following features:

  • responsibility,

  • distance to yourself,

  • scrupulousness,

  • diligence,

  • openness,

  • patience,

  • creativity,

  • flexibility.