Learning process

What is debriefing?

Debriefing in the workshop nomenclature means a short summary of the effects of work done on a given day / session / as part of the task. In our opinion, this action is very important because it clearly informs participants about the often imperceptible learning progress. It allows participants to notice what were the goals of the activities performed, what we learned, what skills they had a chance to develop. Additionally, we believe that this activity is an ideal introduction to subsequent evaluation.

Like any exchange activity, it also requires prior preparation from you, but it is much more flexible than standard activities. What you will talk about and what you decide to convey to the group during the debriefing depends on the effects achieved during the discussed task / day / part of the program, and it will not always be consistent with the assumed aims. The circumstances may change. So it will be all the more valuable activity – not only for the group of participants, but perhaps also for you as the organizer.

We propose to conduct a debriefing in the form of a casual conversation with the group, lasting about 15 minutes, after each important task, offering participants a real opportunity to develop their competences.

Another, extremely important method to become aware of the ongoing learning process is group evaluation (see: EVALUATION).