How to organize transport?

Transport issues are handled differently and should be discussed with partners in advance. Determine whether the participants will travel on their own, whether they need to arrange transport, e.g. choose a means of transport, indicate a specific time and place of travel, or even buy tickets. 

If we choose the first option, participants buy their own tickets and book means of transport to arrive at the venue at the agreed time. They cannot exceed the amount for their trip (see Application form) – you will not be able to reimburse them for any excess of this expense. After the project is completed, on the basis of the participant’s travel expenses settlement and paper tickets, the money is returned to them (more in the “Settlement” tab).

The second option is to purchase all tickets as the organizers in advance, so choosing the means of transport at the right price and accounting for these expenses is entirely on your side. However, there is a risk involved in doing so (e.g. if a participant cancels his participation and the flight at the last minute).

What is the significance of the distance to the project location?

Erasmus+ has a special calculator that determines how much money you can spend on a given participant, based on the distance in a straight line between the place of departure and the place of the project. The topic is described in more detail in the APPLICATION tab.