Collaboration with participants

The participant should be well informed from the beginning of the project preparation. They should know what is going to happen and what to prepare for. However, this works both ways, as we need to gather a lot of information about the participants as well. Some of them should be known long before the exchange itself. We recommend preparing a Google Form package and sending it to our group by e-mail at least 2 months before the meeting.

Personal form

A form in which we collect data such as name, surname, gender, nationality, national identification number, date of birth, phone number, place of residence, place from which they travel, emergency contact or other necessary data.

Warning! Remember to complete the form with consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR Act.

Preference form

A form in which we collect data on the participant’s preferences in the context of the project. Here it is necessary to ask for the first and last name and the national group so that we know who it concerns. In this form, we can ask about everything that might help us to separate workshop groups, evaluation groups and prepare the right amount of non-regular diets.


If our project involves dividing participants into 5 thematic groups, then you can prepare a questionnaire in which each participant will mark his grade from 1 to 5 for each topic concerning the group, where 1 is “my first preference” and 5 this is “my last preference”. This way, even if we cannot ensure that everyone is in their first preferred group, we can prevent them from not being in the last or the penultimate group.

Other forms

For the needs of the project or the circumstances in which it takes place, you can create other forms, e.g. pandemic forms, in which we ask participants about anything that will help us improve the quality of the project.


About a month before the project, we should send participants a detailed infopack, which will contain such information as: detailed directions, description of the program and tasks to be prepared before the project, address of the center, contact numbers, packing list, schedule, useful information about Poland, e.g. in the context of a pandemic, legal regulations, weather, etc.