Changes in the project

One of the publications link of the European Commission mentions the law considering project management:

“No major project has been implemented with the initially planned budget, with the initially planned time and people. Yours won’t be the first.”

When implementing a project, it is worth having this sentence at the back of your head. In any action involving the cooperation of people doing specific tasks, whether it is a youth project or a highway construction project, changes to the original concept are inevitable. No matter how well prepared you are, there can always be factors that will force you and your team to revise their plans. So let’s be aware of it, and be prepared for it.

It is better not to abandon the concept that you presented in the project application, or not to drastically modify it. Remember, however, that the youth exchange is primarily aimed at intercultural learning of its participants – so it is worth correcting your plan if during the preparations you find a way to better respond to the participants’ needs and improve the quality of the project.

Reporting changes to the project

If there are circumstances that make certain elements of the project need to change (for example location, deadline for implementation of actions), it is worth contacting the project supervisor in the National Agency in advance, clarify the situation and ask for approval of the changes. If we do it in advance, we will avoid lowering the rating at the project settlement stage. Do not be afraid to contact the employees of the National Agency. They are people who understand the essence of Erasmus+ projects, who are always ready and willing to help people who implement projects. If we have doubts or problems of a formal or organizational nature, it is worth writing an e-mail and explaining the situation. The employees of the National Agency, thanks to their knowledge and experience, will certainly help you with finding a solution.

Annexing the financial agreement

Sometimes, if the changes are significant (for example, you want to change the project end date), they will require the signing of an annex to the financial agreement. You must then prepare an appropriate explanation that will be the basis for the approval of the changes by the National Agency. Importantly, such a procedure must be started no later than one month before the change to which the annex is to apply.