What are you supposed to know about your partner organizations?

Before you confirm and start cooperation, it is worth finding out a little more about the organization that is to become a project partner.

You should know what their experience is in organizing or co-organizing exchanges. It is also worth finding out what the organization does on a daily basis, what kind of members it associates, and – what is very important – what is the organization’s target group. It is a factor that largely determines what participants the partner will engage in our exchange.

From the organizer’s perspective, it is important how the partner conducts their promotion, e.g. on social media. This will become crucial when promoting and disseminating the results of the exchange.

During the conversation on the planned cooperation, first of all, you need to find out who will represent the partner organization in contacts with you, what means of communication suit them, what are their expectations for the project and how they imagine their role (whether they intend to actively participate in every stage of the preparations or intend to show up in person during the preparatory visit, and whether they are ready for the division of labor during the exchange itself).