How to choose a partner organization?

We should be guided primarily by the experience of the partner organization. If the partner has it, it is worth checking their website to find out what projects they have already implemented and in which they participated. We can also “trace” the potential partner on social media for even more information. One should also pay attention to the level of interest of the partner in the proposed topic of the project. The way the organization contacts us is also important – by analyzing it, we can see if professionalism and regularity are shown.

However, the key to a successful relationship between a partner is, first and foremost, to simply like each other. It is worth paying attention to whether we talk well with representatives of the organization, whether we get along, whether we establish a relationship not only “in business”, but also social, and whether we can understand each other.

If we have already met a representative of a foreign organization and we already know that we work well together, it is worth asking about the willingness to co-organize the project. Good relations between the leaders significantly translate into the quality of the project.

At this stage, we should also consider how many partners we want to have and what countries we are considering.