What kinds of ideas can be realized with Erasmus+?

The National Agency does not cover any spectrum of topics that your Youth Exchange must cover. However, it does indicate a few restrictions, prohibitions and guidelines that you must remember to fit in with the aims of the financed action.

Assessment of the adequacy of the application

The NA assesses the adequacy of your application with regard to:

  • the aims of the action (e.g. Action 1 of the Youth program),
  • the needs and objectives of the participating organizations and individual participants.

And the extent to which the application is suitable for:

  • reaching out to young people with fewer opportunities, including refugees, asylum seekers and migrants;
  • promoting diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, shared values ​​of freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights, and projects that increase media literacy, critical thinking and sense of initiative in young people,
  • equipping youth workers with the competences and methods needed for professional development, including youth work in the digital space, necessary to convey the common core values ​​of our society, in particular to hard-to-reach young people, and to prevent violent radicalization of young people;
  • generating high-quality learning outcomes for participants;
  • enhancing the capacity and international reach of the participating organizations;
  • improving the quality of youth work within the participating organizations.

And the extent to which the application involves new people participating in the action for the first time.

What cannot be done

As part of the project for the mobility of young people and youth workers, when undertaking the effort to organize an exchange with young people, it should be remembered that it cannot be:


  1. an academic study trip,
  2. an exchange aimed at achieving financial profits,
  3. an exchange that can be classified as a tourist trip,
  4. a festival,
  5. a holiday trip,
  6. a tour with artistic performances.