How to create a schedule of activities?

With the information gathered during the earlier stages of the idea-generating process, it helps to make our ideas real. Take a pen and a large piece of paper and draw a table on it, similar to a school timetable. Break down your exchange into specific days of the week and specific hours. Add the blocks reserved for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now – think about how to fill in the remaining blanks?

This way you need to create a schedule for your project. If, for example, you already know that the group will deal with climate change, and the exchange will result in an educational film, recorded with the cooperation of participants, now you have to divide your work into several days. Take into account the dynamics of the group’s work, their age, skills, and even circumstances such as, for example, nice weather during the holiday season – it may turn into lower work efficiency. Also, remember to include adequate time for integration in your schedule (preferably on the first day), evaluation blocks (e.g. every evening) or national evenings. In the attachment you can find a form that may be useful for you in this task.

Please note that the path presented by us is one of many that you can use at this stage of work. But if you have followed all the steps diligently you are ready to open the application form.