Summative evaluation

What is summative evaluation?

It is a form of contact with participants, taking place after the end of the international exchange (therefore it is usually done online). In the summative evaluation, it is worth asking the group participating in our project once again how they would evaluate it in retrospect, both as a whole and in its individual parts. The easiest way to make a summative evaluation is by using online tools such as Google Forms, Survio, Typeform – these are programs for asking questions and collective analysis of users’ responses.

What questions should you ask?

First of all, remember that in the above-mentioned programs, we can use both the option of closed questions (e.g. what was your favorite part of the program?) And open questions (e.g. what should be improved in your opinion?); participants can also rate items of the schedule numerically (e.g. on a scale of 1 to 10). From the organizer’s perspective, it is worth asking participants about three groups of issues:


How the group would evaluate the place of accommodation, rooms intended for work, meals served, the amount and time of work, level of preparation of the organizers. This allows us to verify our assumptions regarding logistics issues and draws attention to what we can improve when preparing further projects.


How the participants assess the working methods used by the leaders / workshop leaders, did they work well in the groups assigned to them, was the topic of the project exhausted according to them; how satisfied they are with the results achieved, how much they have learned during the exchange. This, in turn, shows us how well the program of the project was prepared, how well it met the expectations of the participants, what methods of work turned out to be successful, and which are still worth refining.


How would the participants generally evaluate the project, how successful was the integration process, how did they enjoy national evenings, how they felt in their national group, in the workshop group, or the whole group of participants. Such questions will show us whether we have properly taken care of the well-being of our group.