Group evaluation

What is a group evaluation?

Another possible form of discussion about the quality of the project and its individual elements is evaluation carried out in specially prepared subgroups. This configuration requires the organizer to:

  1. determine the composition of the evaluation groups, differentiated by gender and nationality, differing in composition, e.g. from workshop groups,

  2. preparation of the moderators for the evaluation of each group (e.g. other organizers, volunteers, national leaders, if they agree),

  3. In order to make it easier for the participants to remember which group they are in, you can buy, for example, bracelets made of multicolored mouline threads, to show in which the group they are.

In this way, we can collect information on the perceptions of participants in groups of different people who did not know each other before and do not cooperate with each other on a daily basis. We can also find out what the individual workshop groups have learned and how similar or different the results of each of them are. Evaluators should prepare working methods that will encourage participants to comment on the exchange day in an easy and varied way.


Ask the participants of our group to take a seat in the circle, close their eyes and put one open hand out in front of them. Then let’s ask questions about their well-being, for example: “How comfortable do you feel in your workshop group?”, “How attractive was the formula of today’s workshop?”, “How much fun did you have at the Polish evening?” and ask participants to answer them by showing the corresponding number of fingers (from 1 – very bad to 5 – very good). Let us take a moment to note how each group member responded. Then we can talk out loud about the most controversial or least successful item from the schedule.


Before starting the evaluation, draw a few large mercury thermometers on flipcharts (they should be vertical and show a temperature from 0 to 100 degrees). Then, let’s sign each of them with a selected element from the activities (photo workshop, trip, movie night). Let’s ask each of the participants to use their marker to mark on each thermometer how much they liked the indicated part of the exchange (0 – they didn’t like it at all, 100 – they liked it very much). Then let’s discuss the results out loud.


After the evaluation in groups (about 15-20 minutes a day), the facilitators meet to summarize the conclusions obtained.