Final evaluation

What is a final evaluation?

We conduct the final evaluation in the evening of the penultimate day of the exchange (at the end of the last day of substantive classes, one night before the departure of the participants). It is not only to collect the group’s assessment of the quality of the entire meeting, but also to become a space for the exchange of positive feelings and memories in our group. During the final evaluation, we want the group to become aware of what we experienced, what we learned and found out about each other.


Let each of the participants (as well as leaders and organizers) stick an A4 sheet of paper on their back. At the same time, we equip everyone with colored markers or pens. Ask the group to write on the backs of the rest of the participants fond memories, messages, thanks or wishes (they can be anonymous). The activity ends when no one has anything else to write. It may take up to an hour.

How to ensure the right atmosphere?

To make this event an unforgettable memory for the participants, let’s take care of the unique atmosphere of the last evening. Let’s prepare a playlist with atmospheric songs (maybe those that accompanied us often during the work), which, will not interfere with focus during the evaluation. We can also display a slideshow of photos and videos taken during the exchange. In a visible place, let’s make an exhibition of the effects of the groups’ work: put up posters prepared by them, display presentations, documents, etc. Candles will also be a nice touch 🙂 The organizer should explain the evaluation task thoroughly enough that additional questions from the participants do not have to interfere with its course.