Who can apply?

Erasmus+ applications may be submitted by, inter alia, foundations, associations, schools, houses and community centers. Regardless of the form, before starting the application, an organization must be registered in the European Register of Organizations in order to have its OID number. Detailed instructions on how to register step by step can be found here:


What is an OID number?

The OID (Organization ID) number is used to identify the organization in the systems of the European Commission. Partner organizations provide you with their OID number, enter it in the application, and the system itself fills in the necessary data about the organization.

NOTE 1: If you want to do a project with a group of friends or you act as an informal group, for example, you can try to find an NGO in your area and ask them to make their legal personality available for the submission of the application and the implementation of the project.

NOTE 2: There may be different types of organizations in different countries for a grant, e.g. in Germany they may also be properly registered informal groups. These matters are dependent on local law, so we don’t cover them in detail here. You can find detailed guidelines on the website of your national agency.