Where and when to apply?

Deadlines for submitting applications

At least in Poland, you can submit your application three times a year – usually in February, April and October. The application form is slightly different each time, so it is worth making sure that you always work on its current version.

Application platform

In the Erasmus + program, applications are submitted online, via the European Commission platform, which is available at this link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/erasmus-applications/

You can create your own private account to submit the application, you do not have to use the account of the organization through which you apply. You only need the relevant documents (mandate, declaration, OID numbers).

Which form to choose

In the Youth sector, each Key Action has its own application form. For youth exchanges you are interested in application KA1.

NOTE: From 2021, the new budget perspective of the European Union will apply. The Erasmus + program may also change and some of the information here will no longer be up to date. As soon as a new program guide is available, we will update this page.